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Jeong Seung Pil Mystery

"The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J" is a detective-comedy centered around fund manager Seung-pil Jeong (Beom-su Lee). Seung-pil Jeong manages some 50 billion wons in assets and suddenly disappears one day. His fiance Mi-seon (Gyu-ri Kim) reports Seung-pil missing to the police. An overly aggressive detective named Inspector Kim (Chang-min Son) then suspects Mi-seon (Gyu-ri Kim) as the likely suspect - she took out an insurance policy on Seung-pil Jeong just the week before he went missing. Meanwhile, the disappearance of Seung-phil becomes a hot topic on national television

Genres: Comedy



Country: Korean

Movie: Jeong Seung Pil Mystery

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Release: 2009

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