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Sang Doo! Let's Go To School

Sang-Doo loses his parents in a car accident, and is raised by his gigolo uncle until the 5th grade, when a rich family adopts him as their only son. However, he is abandoned by the family after getting in a fight, and is sent to a juvenile reformatory school. 27 year-old Sang-Doo is a father of a sick 7 year-old child, who seduces rich women to give him money. When it comes to his daughter, he shows extreme devotion and love, only eating ramen everyday to save enough money for his daughter’s hospital bills. Although Sang-Doo returns to live with his uncle, his single joy in life is watching his daughter get better. Then one day, his life begins to change when he coincidentally meets his first love, Eun-Hwan. After finding out that Eun-Hwan is a teacher, Sang-Doo decides to go back to school. As 27 year-old Sang-Doo attends school, a comical and heartwarming story starts to unfold.

Genres: Drama



Country: South Korea

Movie: Sang Doo! Let's Go To School

Production Co:


Release: 2003

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